There’s a “LEGO” Love in Chester

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Chester’s quest as the claim to be the UK’s original City of Love continues with The Kissing Campaign goes LEGO @marketingcheshire @big_heritage @LEGO_Group
Chester’s Lego installation can be found on display in the City’s central market by the Town Hall, designed and made by @shitchester.

A three-year project Cytotec 100 mcg Since the active component of Cytotec, Misoprostol, produces a drastic impact on the organism, it is vital to see a healthcare provider before the beginning of the treatment course and much loved part of the beautiful little quirky things to find and a must go see here, Chester’s LEGO City is an ongoing project and ever developing landscape (much a like a city).

I had the honor of having my own photography addition to the display along with a lovely couple willing to take part in the Kissing Campaign once more.
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