The Devil’s in the Detail

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It sounds like the most obvious thing when it comes to great photography but it is a lot harder than it seems. On top of having your creative head on, your technical head and your smiliest of smiles, you also need to be aware of everything that is going on in the frame.

Small details can be overlooked. A sign in the background or a twisted tie can mean you spending extra time in post-production correcting the mistake.

Taking the time to fine tune your image on set will help reduce the time needed for post-production. Details such as plumping cushions or removing any unsightly objects will produce a clean and professional image. Removing bits of dust from a top or straightening a flyaway hair will shorten your editing time and in tern allow you take on more work.

If you have the allowance for it, utilize another person’s skill to make it the best image possible. Hair and make up artists or even an image consultant will help guide the shoot and keep an eye on any slipping detail. This can really take the pressure off and allows you to focus on what you do best. The photography!

Choosing the right location and props will add substance to the final image.

I was asked to photograph handmade bespoke leather gloves and the client wanted to portray a retro feel to the images. Promoting a luxury product meant that we needed something that would ooze sophistication. After scouting a few different options, we landed on a classic Aston Martin DB5 to add authenticity to the image. It gave the image such depth and the client loved it!

The satisfaction of seeing a well-considered image with a clear identity is definitely worth the time and effort. You will reap the rewards for your meticulous nature and your integrity to get a great shot will give your client the confidence in your ability and the final image.

Image Credit
Humphrey’s Bespoke Leather Gloves
Iain Tyrrell from
Jessica Gagner Model
Lou Penny Make Up and Hair
Kristy Styles Assistant