Testing. Testing.

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You have what you think would be a stunning idea for a photo shoot buzzing around your head for months. Now, whilst you may not be entirely sure how it will translate into a fully coordinated photoshoot, the best time to iron out those creases is now. Get your gang of merry men and women, start throwing creative buzz words around over a coffee and plan a test shoot.

The beauty of a test shoot is that you don’t have any professional obligation to a paying client. This means that you can really go to town and have fun. Be inspired by the people around you and create something new without feeling the pressure of a commercial agreement.

Through experimentation you will also help others realize their ideas. Hair and make-up artists, stylists or enthusiastic models that want to practice their poses. Encouraging others to be involved will spark their creativity and give a new perspective to the shoot.

These practice runs are perfect for building a repertoire of people and locations that you can use in the future. By connecting with other creative and influential people in the industry at a test shoot you will cement your relationship with a network of likeminded people, who can support you in your next endeavor.

Over time you develop a location bank in your mind of places you could use for shoots – urban settings and industrial backdrops, your friendly local park or the theatre with that stunning staircase you’re in love with. They could all come in handy one day and save you from the horror of scouring the web for appropriate sets and business partners.

Didn’t you achieve the look you set out for? The luxury of a test shoot is that if it didn’t quite go to plan then no-ones getting fired. You have simply expanded your photographical horizons and you now have the knowledge and ability to adapt and develop the shoot into something amazing.

Putting those ideas into practice will enable you to find out what works, what doesn’t and what can be transferred to a commercial shoot. Go mad, start experimenting and just see what happens, you will more than likely be pleasantly surprised.

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Hair and Make Up
Louise Pennington: https://www.instagram.com/louipenny_hair.makeup/
Aaron Bradley-Bevan