Ten things about being a parent that affect your business

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Since becoming a mum 3 years ago I have discovered some unexpected qualities in my personality that I am finding more than useful in how I run my business. Things that no one can teach you; either because it needs to be discovered through experience and can’t be taught, or, they come out of ‘baby brain’, which lasts for some years. Some qualities I feel good about, some I think ‘where did that come from’ and some ’feel about right’.

How parenting effects business

1. I am more efficient than I would ever have believed. I know what I can do in a day. I have to run a tight ship.

2. My time is extremely valuable and so it is measured. It’s cut throat but it works. If I am not benefiting, then it isn’t happening.

3. My public speaking skills have grown tenfold. s p e a k i n g s l o w l y a n d c l e a r l y t o y o u r c h i l d s o t h e y u n d e r s t a n d w h a t y o u a r e s a y i n g is an excellent training ground.

4. So have my amateur dramatic skills. ‘Yes, I’d love to come to your tea party Miss Piggy. Would you like some cake?’

5. I listen. I also drift but my face says I’m listening which is more important in some cases.

6. I take no crap and have no time for time wasters.

7. My vision is clearer I imagine because of point 1 & 2. My dreams have changed and are now possible. Especially now that, as we all know, and it is proven, a baby can come from your belly button.

8. Multi-tasking on a new level. I am now a mum, a wife, a person and/or my own self, a dog owner, homeowner, property owner, landlady, photography businesses owner, online greetings card business owner, networker, writer, contributor, gym goer, swimmer, dinner eater, dinner maker, washer upper and clothes folder. Gardener, house designer, construction business advisor and all round fingers in pies kinda gal. I don’t like pie.

9. Expanding my vocabulary and finding alternative words to use instead of ‘busy’.

10. The most surprising one of all was the improvement in reading and writing. I find it hard, like really, really hard. I’m thirty-four years old and educated. I’ve been working in my own professional businesses for thirteen years. Yet I find it hard to chuck some letters down in the right order and read them aloud.

Why is this? Well, dyslexia of course. I don’t see it as an ailment and in fact, I view it as an attribute and most likely a part of me that helped sculpt who I am today. I imagine it is partly the thing which navigated me toward being a producer of images.

I digress.


So I am starting with the basics with my little girl, holding a pen, reading letters, putting them together using the bath foam alphabet, reading signs, books, snippets from leaflets and just piecing together the English language slowly. AND it’s actually helping me!

We’re reading Fancy Nancy, Dusty The Dinosaur, The Fairy Princess, Hans Christian Anderson and the First 1000 words in French. We’re getting through a huge variety of books with letters in different fonts helping me to exercise my own reading and writing.

It’s magical. I am a new woman. I write articles, talks, and reviews. I’d like to include emails at this point as well. I am not sure I would have written so confidently three years ago.

The best times in my day are the moment to moment mind-blowing things my daughter does and says and my most celebrated achievement to date is reaching a goal I set myself when I met The Cheshire Magazine Editor Louisa Castle. I was encouraged by Louisa’s own enthusiasm for Cheshire and envisaged being a part of her creative team. This month I succeeded and it makes me incredibly pleased and proud.

Ps. I pat myself on the back so publicly because I am freelance, which most freelancers know can be a lonely road to take and I feel that writing this blog is like your work pal or your dad saying : ‘nice one kid’.


So here I am:



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