The Social Media Maze and Growing Your Business

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Whether we like it or not social media platforms are proving themselves to be an invaluable tool. Not only to promote your own business and ideas but also to introduce individuals to networking opportunities that, without Mr Zuckerberg and his band of merry men, could have been completely overlooked.

Only this morning I had a conversation with a client saying that she had been approached by a company who had seen a cheeky behind-the-scene teaser post of mine and intern been directed to her website. They are now in talks over a new venture together.

It is humbling to hear that I have helped expand another business, supported and developed their branding through simply tagging (precisely I might add) them in my own social media activities.

I know that computer literacy doesn’t come naturally to all of us. At times it may seem like the computer gods are deliberately make things difficult to keep you from reaching your dreams. But it can take a long time to become an efficient and effective social media wiz.

There are many pitfalls for any social media newbie and simply searching for your collaborators on multiple platforms can be a minefield of duplicates and imposters. Their Twitter name is likely to be different to their Facebook name, which will differ to their Instagram name, because things aren’t complicated enough. Creating links to other websites, endless hash tags of seemingly random buzz words, being aloud to post to one platform from your desktop when others insist it must be from your phone and the ability for one platform to ‘speak’ to another when others wont can leave your head spinning.

Breath. Google it!

Ask around. There is no shame in admitting your social media shortcomings.

Start with one platform and one post.

Chose something new that’s happening with you or your company. A new delivery of exciting stock, a social event or simply what you’ve been up to in and out of the office will get others interested in your brand and what you have to say about it.

As your confidence increases so will your enthusiasm to utilize these social networking opportunities. Once you are apart of the race then you can reap the rewards of fantastic exposure and a growing contact list that will drive you and your business forwards.

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