This is Kat's Photography blog. Kat Hannon has over 12 years experience in the capturing the best photos in Chester, Manchester, Warrington and even the UK. She gives you an insight into the life, while also helping you expand your knowledge of Lighting, Posing, Locations and modelling. She has taken some fantastic images over the years and wants to help you do the same.

How To Scale Your Photography Business; Going From Zero to Hero With Kat Hannon

If you are a photographer or an aspiring one, you will definitely have thought about the possible ways to grow your business. When you set up your own business, no matter what field you work within, there are always obstacles and challenges you have to overcome to achieve success. These obstacles might include lack of […]

How to Utilise Trends Whilst Staying True Your Personal Style

One of the great things about being a creative is that you are constantly searching for inspiration to spark your creativity. Looking out for trends can really help to capture your imagination and aid you in coming up with new ideas for your next project. Nowadays, we live in a world of trends and fashions […]

The Rise Of The Moving Image

In the modern age, you may have noticed that moving images are everywhere; you may be looking at the digital billboards in Piccadilly Circus or scrolling through TikTok on your smartphone, but wherever you go, you can’t escape the constant stream of videos. As we move into a world of social media, online advertisements, and […]

Untold Stories; Cinematic Photography

There is something about film that is just magical. Something about the set, the characters, the costume, the video work just seems to transport us to another world of curiosity and wonder. Photography and film are very similar in terms of the artistic process; they both involve telling a story through visual imagery through the […]

Making the Most of Photography in the Summer

It’s that time of year again; the sun is out (for the most part), the skies are blue, and the days are longer and brighter. There is so much to love about all of the seasons, but for photographers, Summer usually falls to the bottom of the list. Although this season provides lots of daylight, […]

How to Get Inspired when you Have a Creative Block

Every photographer needs inspiration; sometimes we all have a creative block which gets in the way of new ideas and concepts. In my experience, the best way to unlock your creativity is to look at artists and photographers who inspire you and allow them to influence your work. Looking through the work of my favourite […]

Top 5 Portrait Photography trends 2021

We can all agree that a lot has happened between 2020 and 2021. In lieu of the global pandemic, we have seen so many changes within fashion, photography and the arts. For photographers, there have been various challenges which have made it difficult to produce the images that we want to make. Photography is a […]

The Rise of Digital Modelling in Fashion Photography

It’s safe to say that the past year has been a bit of a whirlwind. Our lives have been turned upside down and while some industries have thrived off the COVID 19 pandemic, others have shut down completely. COVID 19 has had an incredible impact on the way that we go about our daily lives […]

How has social media affected photography?

It is a well known fact that social media has had a huge influence on art and photography. The rise of this phenomenon has changed the way that we perceive and take images, as well as making photography accessible to everyone. Nowadays, everyone who snaps an Instagram-worthy picture of their iced latte thinks of themselves […]

Hats, Horse-racing, and Horrible Histories

The Cheshire Magazine Fashion Editorial.  Photography by Kat Hannon   Given that race season is just around the corner, it seems like the perfect excuse to discuss the history and popularity of hats! Everyone loves a good hat. Throughout English history, hats have been a mark of class,  religion, and fashion. There are so many […]