Networking – it’s not always what you know, but who you know. You know?

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If social media has taught us anything it’s that it’s a very small world out there and it’s becoming easier for that friend of friend to put you in touch with your next big project or find the perfect person to get the job done.

Now, as useful and effective as social media can be, sometimes it just wont cut it. Sometimes you have to take the brave step of removing yourself from the safety of your computer and meeting that friend of a friend, face to face.

Attend meet and greets. You never know who you might bump in to. Simply by showing your face and raising your professional profile you could bag that next job. So don’t shy away from interaction, the universe has a funny way of putting you in touch with just the right people.

Word of mouth can be as powerful as any ad campaign. So get blabbing! You’ll be surprised how many people are willing to get involved and help promote your business.

I am currently working with Girl Tribe Gang Chester to explore and meet like-minded women in business, in Chester. Reaching out to women in business I find very satisfying, and essential for me to keeping what can be a lonely freelance life, alight.

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Girl Tribe Gang & The Oliver Tree, Chester