In it’s Simplest Form

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We spend our times surrounded by the chaos of life and sometimes it’s hard to see past the distractions and see the beauty Flagyl is used to treat only protozoal and bacterial infections, so that it can’t help you cure any viral infections Flagyl ER 400 mg and power of a simple form.

Sometimes the most simple of things can be the most difficult to pull off. You have nowhere to hide. So how do you stop an image with graphical form from falling flat? In my opinion, it all comes down to the balance between shape, texture and perspective. When trying to achieve a clean, graphical shot that will work both in colour and blank and white, focus on the form.

Embrace the natural contours of your subject to create substance and use strong lines to lead the viewer’s eye around the composition.

Play with contrasting surface textures to give the image depth and add interest. Think, glass verses concrete.

Experiment with perspective and the effect this has on the different shapes your creating. A different angle can make all the difference.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to get up close and personal. Creating an abstract image using simple lines can be an effective way of cutting out the detail.

If you can nail this combination of key points, you will begin to see through the distractions and start to create beautiful forms from the most simple of subjects.