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The last three weeks be them mild have been a bit grey, a bit dark and a bit wet. Not the ideal or pleasurable weather to be shooting in.

However, rainy days in December and January have brought with them opportunities that perhaps were not there before or will be there again. Not so much the ‘decisive moment’ but moments that perhaps wont ever be repeated the same.

Here are some photographs I took in wet wet weather.

Boxing Day Dip 2015, Ryhl.

A fund raiser for charity organized for Seth Pierce and Keith Jones for Rhyl Rugby Club and raising money for cancer groups at the RNLI Station.
I watched Seth, his family (even his wee girl!) my brother in law who dared to delve jumping in the water. Braving the rough seas – amazing.

Chester Race Course Wednesday 6th January 2016
The unsuspecting puddle. Created double the landscape or industrialscape with the punchy healthy looking grass and blue sky looked fab. A fantastic dog walk on there – I highly recommend it. You can drive down and park at The White Horse and walk around the race track.

New Brighton beach walk New Years Eve 2015 10am
heading toward Liverpool and the pirate ship. I have great plans for fashion editorials here.


Did you know the wettest January on record in the Uk was 1948 when 244.3 mm of rain was recorded.