How to spot a black and white photography when out and about

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I have been shooting digitally for over 13 years, prior to that I used film in both colour, negative, transparencies and in black and white. No matter what material you are shooting in finding good black and white image is all about composition.

So you’re walking along, camera in hand (phone perhaps) and you’re looking around at the world. What should you be looking for? In my experience if you can train you’re mind to look for these three top tips then you’re on your way to a winning formula in black and white photography. Practise really does make perfect.


Think lines leading into an image, taking your eye and direction into the distance. Perhaps leading to the subject you wish them to see. Using graphical lines within the image can control where you want the viewer to look Adderall is an intensive psychostimulant which is used for the improvement of the brain work adderal 18 mg and begin to tell a story.


Looking deeper at a subject and getting right in there; Extracting/ cropping a shape that perhaps you couldn’t see before like reflections for example they seem like an every day occurrence but if you look at them closer you can create new shapes in design.


Knowing you can push contrast and effectively bring out even more detail in texture; roughage, glass, brickwork, cornfields, seascapes etc. means you can photograph with black and white results in mind and in post-production, like the dark room, have stunning results.