Happy Valentine’s Day

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Kristy Styles tells Valium is not just a sedative, but it is also myorelaxant of the broad action http://medicines4all.com/product/valium/ Valium 10 mg us about her experience being a model couple for The Kissing Campaign Photoshoot at last years Chester’s City of Love launch with Marketing Cheshire and Big Heritage

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“That’s great guys,” Kat shouts encouragingly. “Can you gaze into each other eyes?!”

We get fairly odd looks from passers by but I find it surprisingly easy to get lost in the moment and take direction from Kat Hannon, the photographer and image creator for Chester’s ‘City of Love’ Kissing campaign.

Even the drizzle couldn’t dampen our spirits. I was excited to feel like a model for an hour and to be one of ten couples in promoting ten beautiful and romantic city locations.

Climbing the Wishing Steps overlooking the River Dee with my handsome beau in hand, I re-apply my new red lippy and get ready for round two. Apply. Blot. Smooch. Repeat! We eagerly awaited the published campaign, it was all a very exciting experience.

And what a way to promote this great city! With genuine love and affection developed by Marketing Cheshire in collaboration with Big Heritage, this historical city gets a contemporary boost and shows off its romantic side.

Plus, I got to keep the picture!”

Kristy Styles, Chester