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So how has lockdown one and two been for you? Totally emotional, confusing, weird, hard work, but also liberating; a chance to focus, maybe even not do as much or even do more than ever.  What a time eh.

I knew I’d live through something with massive impact during my life, thought it may be a war, certainly loosing my dad felt like a big event, I say ‘event’ I mean poignant moment in time, but never did I dream that I’d live during a pandemic. One that we now nickname ‘the rona’ in our house.

Some funny things have come out of 2020:

  • I run now. lol.
  • Poor Karen, thats all I need to say on that.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio has an even bigger fan base following his epic 2020 hit with memes from his character Calvin Candi in the film Django Unchained.  I bought a gold plated Christmas bauble for the tree in honour.


So what happened to me?

Lockdown One

In a nutshell, all my contracts were cancelled in March, kids got sent home for Spring and we spent the first 8 week with some ropey home teaching and the best outdoor and back garden play I think we’ve ever had.

I had a nappyless baby, free to wild wee whilst the eldest painted her bunkbed in the sunshine.  So we did ok.

Then the 6 week glimmer of hope – tonnes of work.  To much I will say to squeeze in to the time frame, but done non the less.  Which was great and made me realise what a waiting game this is, and that its a case of riding it out if you can.

Lockdown 2

More me time.  Kids are in school and nursery and have their own routine.  So I increased meetings, my social media, Linked In followers, Re-engage with clients.   Lots of coffee walks.  Like one a day.  A slight cheat as the dog needs a walk so Im doubling up, but the coffee purchasing has increased @jauntygoat in Chester ten fold.  Also niching my market.  So you’ll see wee changes to the site and maybe a photo of me that isn’t 20 years out of date.

So what is round the corner for 2021.  Well I can honestly say I have no clue.  January is booking like we’re not looking back and clients are reaching as far as Spring so I am filled with positively and good vibes.


So I in turn I send these positive vibes out to you and wish you a Happy New Year.

Let’s smash 2021 out the ball park.  Covid savvy obvs.