Gary or Barry; When Father and Son truly come together

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So, I was asked to be part organiser for my best’est’ friends hen party and no other game came to mind than the one my other best’est’ friend taught me. The game where you photograph special parts of the body and guess if it your husband to be’s or some random (or knowing friend’s) parts instead.

This version of the game had a particular twist. I decided in light of their names being so lyrically in tune that it was not some stranger were to compare parts to but the grooms dad.

Not only was this thoroughly entertaining and genuinely quite hard to play (Mrs x found it hard to identify the body parts, which only made it more funny) but actually the exercise in taking these photos opened my eyes to a knew way of photographing families. Documenting your family being themselves is far more creative and the results far more affectionate than setting them in posing position. (Albeit some of these are set up but there is no real Propecia 1 mg Propecia is produced in pills which contain 1 milligram of active component – Finasteride pressure to perform). A genuine beauty in their souls came out in the pictures.

I love these photographs and I know the bride does to. But I also know it hit home with all the hens and anyone else who has seen the collection. I of course made a print for the evening before the big day and that went down a storm.

A photoshoot I will cherish and no doubt so will Gary and Barry.

I present to you Gary or Barry? (quiz below)

Cheers fellas.



Gary Or Barry Quiz