Food for thought.

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A full days shoot is exhausting. It is easy to grab that extra large bag of crisps or skip meals altogether. We’ve all done it.

But the right nutrition is key to maintaining your performance and getting the best results for the client.

Even if the shoot is only for a few hours, your concentration and artistic flare will suffer if your not mentally or physically prepared and this means having a well-balanced meal before setting off.

Despite what you may think, McDonalds is not your friend!

Have short breaks. Don’t go long periods without a drink or a snack. Take it from me it won’t be long before the headaches kick in and you get blasted with dizzy spells every time you move.

This is not a good look. Your client will want to be reassured that you can deliver and that won’t happen if your sat in the corner with your head in your lap.

  • Don’t be tempted to snack on empty calories. 
  • Eat little and often.
  • Drink plenty of water.

Now, get ready for a list of healthy snacks that will keep you snapping away for hours on end!

  • Fresh fruit, bananas, bananas, bananas!!
  • Dried fruit. (Goji berries are particularly on trend right now but that depends on how cool you are I suppose!)
  • Nuts and seeds,
  • Carrot/celery sticks,
  • Cereal/protein bars
  • Smoothies.

A high protein breakfast like eggs are a great start to the day and keep you fuller for longer which will stop you reaching for that chocolate bar by 10am!