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How to Get Inspired when you Have a Creative Block

Every photographer needs inspiration; sometimes we all have a creative block which gets in the way of new ideas and concepts. In my experience, the best way to unlock your creativity is to look at artists and photographers who inspire you and allow them to influence your work. Looking through the work of my favourite […]

Hats, Horse-racing, and Horrible Histories

The Cheshire Magazine Fashion Editorial.  Photography by Kat Hannon   Given that race season is just around the corner, it seems like the perfect excuse to discuss the history and popularity of hats! Everyone loves a good hat. Throughout English history, hats have been a mark of class,  religion, and fashion. There are so many […]

Modelling Portfolio Packages

Modelling Portfolio Standard If you’re starting out and want to tackle the dragons of the agency world, then you need to get yourself in front of a plain white backdrop. Xenical 60 mg Although Xenical is quite safe, anyway, there are some people who are prohibited to take this medicine Presenting yourself as a […]

NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS: The camp divider of life

Don’t you just love the dividing of a group a New Years Resolution can make. Or even more interesting finding out which group you fall into without even thinking about it. This year I fall into the “I am not going to make a new years resolution, I’m going to make a life changing resolution”. […]