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Make The Most Of Your Marketing

If you want to take your marketing further and hit high-end clients then this is what you need to do! I now work even closer with The Cheshire Magazine having just been appointed Picture Editor. Woohoo! Staying in contact – remind them of who you are and what you can do for them. I started by […]

Business & Billboards

Look how far the right marketing can take you – A billboard slap bang in the middle of Chester city! Walking with my little family through Chester city centre I spotted a familiar image. My image! Of a stunning golden couture statement dress, in a field of vivid yellow rapeseed flowers. Proud is an understatement. […]

The Social Media Maze and Growing Your Business

Whether we like it or not social media platforms are proving themselves to be an invaluable tool. Not only to promote your own business and ideas but also to introduce individuals to networking opportunities that, without Mr Zuckerberg and his band of merry men, could have been completely overlooked. Only this morning I had a […]

Budget Vs Investment

So you want to invest in photography but you’re not keen on the price Xanax 1 mg Xanax is a strong anti-anxiety product that reduces a mental strain. The drug contains Alprazolam. This ingredient interacts with benzodiazepine receptors that regulate the activity of neurons in the cerebral cortex tag that comes with working with […]

Hello New Year!

Planning for the year ahead- how imagery can help promote your business. There are now a multitude of social media and online avenues for you to exploit when marketing yourself and your business. Each with their own characteristics that can help lead to potential business coming your way. The images you use will inevitably create […]

“Call Me!”

We all have our gripes about cold callers and answering that dreaded unknown number, but when it comes to branching out to new customers sometimes an email just won’t cut it. You’ve done the market research Nexium 40 mg Nexium, or esomeprazole, is classified as a proton pump inhibitor potent to decrease the acid […]

Ten things about being a parent that affect your business

Since becoming a mum 3 years ago I have discovered some unexpected qualities in my personality that I am finding more than useful in how I run my business. Things that no one can teach you; either because it needs to be discovered through experience and can’t be taught, or, they come out of ‘baby […]